Simon Siegmann lives and works in Brussels
he studied Fine Arts at ERG (Ecole de recherches graphiques) Brussels.

As set & ligth designer he collaborated with:
Pierre Droulers
Thomas Hauert
Michele Anne Demey
Thierry Smith
David Zambrano
Charleroi Danses
Les vedettes
La Cambre Mode(s)
Les Halles de Schaerbeek
La Bellone
Claude Schmitz
Teatro a Corte
Uzes danses
Fabrice Murgia

Since 2001, he has created personal projects, resulting from his research mixing visual art and live art, in which his sculpture-set designs become spaces of encounters for other artists (choreographers, poets, actors, musicians). Among these projects, let us pin two interventions within the framework of KunstenFestivalDesArts: AGORA (2005), at the same time installation, space of representation and street furniture, like ASSISCOUCHEDEBOUT (2007), project between installation and scenography which answered a request for this festival to transform public spaces of Kaaitheater into nerve center of the event. In 2009, it conceives and directs PUTAINDEBORDELDEMERDE, a hybrid project, in which the kinds are superimposed and merge; so much so that it is not known any more very well if an installation is looked at, if a reading is listened to or if one attends a spectacle in the form of still life but endowed with word… Lastly, it also lends its talent and its curiosity with projects such as the film of Michel François “La Ricarda, à flux tendu” and collaborates with the line of design D&A Lab on a project of lamp. Since January 2008 to January 2010, Simon Siegmann was Associated Artist with La Maison Du Spectacle - La Bellone -